bucolic life

The Write Kind of Success

I found this guest blog post of mine from last year, and it prompted me to write to you all.

My writer friend Fiona Skye graciously offered me to write a guest post for her blog on Valentine’s Day last year, and THIS was the result.

At the end of the piece, I recognize that a new work, a spate of creativity I’d never known before is being birthed in me. Four and a half months later it began. When that guest post was written, I had never completed any fiction works. From the first of July last year to the first of March this year, I wrote and completed nineteen (yes, 19!) 30,000 word novellas.

Then I had to take a break. I was restless and my creativity was at a low. I turned it from writing to another project: finding us a place to live out of the city, that wouldn’t cost us anything, so that, instead of working on several novellas at a time, I could ghostwrite¬†just part time and work on my own stuff, finally–something to put my own name on.

I had worked out new digs for us in less than a week. We are now in a ranch caretaking position in SE Arizona, where we trade roughly 11 hours work a week (split between two of us) in exchange for a cute little apartment and our utilities. The only thing we pay for is Internet.

It took me a couple of months to decompress and to even want to write again. I schemed and experimented with other ideas, worrying that maybe I wouldn’t go back to writing. I hadn’t written fiction for more than 30 years–maybe this flurry had just been an anomaly. But it really was about decompressing. This bucolic life has had an amazing effect on me. It not only has taught me many things, but it has completely revitalized my creativity.

I applied for a new ghostwriting contract and, when I didn’t hear for a few days, I completely forgot about it. Somehow, I didn’t receive a notice from Elance, but on a lark I checked in one day to find that I had been awarded a $1350 contract for a new work. I’m reanimated and eager to get to work.

Ideas for my own works are beginning to flow now, and the one thing all of this has taught me is that we really do create our own reality. I’m living mine every day and loving every minute of it.